‘Never ever seen that!’ Pieters caught up in freakish rules incident

Fans were left divided after Thomas Pieters was given a retake following a bizarre moment at the French Open

Thomas Pieters was caught up in a freakish rules incident at the French Open which saw the big hitting Belgium allowed to retake his putt after mishitting an effort. And the reason why soon had everyone weighing in on the drama.

Putting for birdie on the par-5 3rd during round two, Pieters barely made contact with his effort in what looked like the biggest mishit we’ve ever seen. Seriously, just take a look at this…

The bizarre incident soon got even wilder though as it turned out Pieters had been distracted by a child crying in the crowd at the DP World Tour event.

Having attempted to pull out of the putt but accidentally connecting in the process, it was then over to a rules official as Pieters pleaded his case.

With the referee agreeing the Ryder Cup star had indeed played the putt unintentionally, Pieters was allowed to replace his ball and retake the effort all over again.

That’s because the bizarre situation falls under Rule 13.1d, which states if you accidentally cause your ball to move you are entitled to replace it on its original spot.

Pieters would eventually make par after retaking the putt. But of course social media was soon divided over the situation…


There ain’t no drama like a bit of Rules of Golf drama.

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