How to Play From an Uphill Lie in a Bunker

What if your ball is in a greenside bunker and you are faced with an uphill lie to get to the flag. Firstly, you need to make sure you have the correct club in your hand because, from this situation, the ball is going to go higher and shorter than it would normally from the sand. You can hit any of the wedges like your lob wedge, sand wedge, or your gap wedge.

Just remember as it’s going to go higher and shorter you should play the ball position off the inside of your front foot, maybe even more towards the middle of your stance.

Make sure you get a good footing with your feet and slope your shoulders, your hips, and your knees with the angle of the upslope of the bunker.

So, with your ball position middle to front of your stance, and sloping your shoulders, you can either square the clubface of your wedge or open it slightly depending on how close you are to the flag.

Swing at this shot steeply and finish your follow through really high. Do this and the ball should come out high and sit right on the green finishing near the flag. Success!

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