Good things come in small packages: PowaKaddy upgrade trolley range for 2021

Sleeker designs and technological advances are the order of the day for PowaKaddy’s new trolleys. Hannah Holden takes a closer look

PowaKaddy always sweat over those small details to make sure their trolleys work perfectly for you. This year is no different as they announce numerous updates to both their FX7 and CT6 GPS models to make them even better.

PowaKaddy trolleys 2021: FX7 GPS

The FX7 GPS has a number of updates. Visually the most noticeable may be the brand new digital screen for sharper viewing in all conditions. The touchscreen delivers front, middle and back green distances as well as yardages to hazards.

Overall the 2021 FX models are designed to fold down 20% smaller than we have seen in previous Freeway models. It also features the FX ranges simplest ever one click folding system.

That’s not the only thing that’s smaller. The battery size has been reduced by 40% while still maintaining the same capacity.

That’s not the only thing that’s smaller. The battery size has been reduced by 40% while still maintaining the same capacity.

We also see extra on trolley functions such as an on screen swipe function, automatic stopping distances and the ability to track how many calories you burn during your round.

In the EBS models the electronic braking system has been upgraded to automatically slow the trolley on steep inclines.

PowaKaddy trolleys 2021: CT6 GPS

Straight away last season the size of the CT6 GPS trolley blew me away. I mean it is literally the same size as my rucksack? It also fits in the footwell of my car which is equally as impressive.

I loved the compact nature of the CT6 last year but the touchscreen graphics of the FX7 stole the show for me. Luckily in 2021 these two worlds are combining as the touchscreen GPS has been added to the CT6 GPS model.

Like we see in the FX7 GPS it comes pre-loaded with 40,000 golf courses worldwide. It offers front, middle and back of green distances as well as distances to all hazards.

Personally I think this is a great update as it means you don’t have to pick between having the best GPS trolley or the smallest. I can’t wait to get my hands on this for testing!

PowaKaddy trolleys 2021: Golf bags

If you’re treating yourself to a trolley why not get a bag to match? The PowaKaddy bag collection has been updated for 2021 to complement your trolley so you can hit the fairways in style.

The collection features five different models so you can find the option that best suits your requirements. The line-up also features a new black and silver colourway.

PowaKaddy trolleys 2021: The details

Available: Now
RRP: From £799.99 (trolleys); From £239.99 (bags)
More info: PowaKaddy website

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