From the Clubhouse: What would you put into club golf’s Room 101?

If there was one thing you could banish from your club forever, what would it be? The From the Clubhouse team argue about what they’d put in their personal Room 101

White belts? Iron headcovers? These things are a given. But what else do you really fear and despise on the golf course and what would you want to banish from your club forever?

In this week’s episode of From the Clubhouse, Tom Irwin and Steve Carroll get into their pet hates and argue for their inclusion in club golf’s Room 101.

But this is a tough school, as only with unanimous agreement will their selections gain entry.

What will we put in there? Will scabby range balls make the cut? What about Tom’s dodgy dislike of parkland tracks? What do we say about the eternal issue of fairway divots?

We’re sure you’ll nod your heads in agreement but also shake your fists in rage at some of our suggestions. So let’s get the discussion going.

What do you think? What would you put in your own personal club golf Room 101? Let us know with a tweet.

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