Fitness with Averee: Spinal rotation with hip bridge

As golfers we want to be mobile, but stable. A hip bridge with spinal rotation is a great drill for working on mobility and stability.

Most golfers are surprised to learn that the lower back is not designed for rotation. Building stability in the lower spine is a key component in having a consistent golf swing. Creating better mobility in the hips and upper back is beneficial for optimizing power.

In the latest episode of “Fitness with Averee,” Averee Dovsek explains how to do a hip bridge with a thoracic spine rotation. To make this exercise a bit more functional, try placing a medicine ball in between your knees.  

Combine what you learn through “Fitness with Averee” with Steve Scott’s instruction series and you will be a different golfer on and off the course.

Watch this episode of “Fitness with Averee” above and check here for previous episodes.

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