Annika Sorenstam’s caddie dug out yardage book 20 years later to relive historic 59

We usually hit driver off this last hole. There’s water that comes in on the left side at 244 and runs through on the left. We’d hit driver the day before there. I just thought, if we hit 4-wood and she hits it a little left, it’s not going to get to the water. So I said we can just hit 4-wood here.

She hits 4-wood and striped it right down the middle. She hit it probably 260 off the tee, which is not normal.

She has 106 front, (add) 9, 115. This pin is front left. The thing about this pin is left of it you’re dead. If you get it up on that left side, you chip it down the hill but you’re going to chip it 10 feet past.

We end up hitting a 49-degree, which is usually her 100-carry club so basically, it’s 15 yards more, there is a little wind with though.

I said to her there, look we just want to hit this about 10 feet right of the hole. She goes no, I’m going right at it. I want to shoot 58.

I went OK, go get it.

She’s hitting this club pretty hard. She’s got 110 carry and I’m giving her a club that she usually hits 102, about. But with the adrenaline and a little wind and the hot air and the circumstances, it’s that club.

So she hits it, and the ball mark is 1 foot right of the hole, 115 carry ends up 120, 15 feet behind the hole.

It’s downhill a little right to left. She hits a really nice putt, and it goes right by the left side, but it runs by the hole about 3 ½ feet.

I walk over to the side and I’m standing with John Killeen (Mallon’s caddie) and I’m just like oh man. In my head, I’m going you know, 60 is a good score. But 59 is history.

John said something to the same effect. He said it out loud, and I was just thinking it.

You know, she went through her routine and she knocked it right in the hole.

And then, the funny thing about it, after she said to me, I want to shoot 58 – she starts walking toward me. You know, Annika is very conservative. Not overly showing of emotions.

She walks toward me, and I‘m walking toward her. She’s about 10 feet from me and she says,

Did I just shoot 59?

I said, yes you did.

And then she runs to me and jumps up into my arms.

Relation to par: -13

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