Wanyama: I want to be first captain to win MLS title with CF Montreal

The Harambee Star explains what he wants to achieve with the MLS side after being named the captain of the side

Kenya midfielder Victor Wanyama has stated he will fight to win the title with CF Montreal as the captain of the side.

The 29-year-old player was named the captain of the Major Soccer League side at the start of the current campaign and speaking in an interview with the team’s Online TV, Wanyama has explained his main target is to make sure the team wins the title under his captaincy.

“I just want to be a leader who shows the rest by example, you know I want to set the tone and I also want to be the first guy to win the title, I also want to be the first guy to drive the team well forward,” Wanyama said.

“I want to lead by example and most importantly I want to win, I want to lead a team that can win and that performs well, that is very important for me as well.”

On the differences he has seen in the club from last season compared to this season, Wanyama said: “About the team, I feel like last season was a bit difficult for the team for everyone, some players were a little bit shy to show what they can do and I don’t know why.

“But this season they are expressing themselves freely and they are doing well and I think you can see a few players who were down last season, they are now different, they chatting with people and always looking lively.”

On whether he uses his big physique to scare away opponents, Wanyama said: “I think I am just bad mannered on the pitch like I can be bad on the pitch, I don’t need to be nice on the pitch, it is my job, but outside football, I am a cool guy, I like to laugh I like to joke with teammates and I live normal like other people.”

On his Victor Wanyama Foundation, the midfielder, who joined Montreal from Tottenham Hotspur explained: “My foundation is doing a lot of stuff, in my foundation we are helping the kids, we are helping the community and it isn’t only in Kenya because the community for me is very important because we have to take care of the environment and when the environment is good then we have created a better place for everyone to stay.”

Wanyama further said he likes to help players settle into life at Montreal by stating: “It is good to welcome new players, they need to feel welcomed when they arrive and it is good for the team.”

The Harambee Stars captain also confirmed he had taken French classes while playing for Montreal by stating: “I can now speak a lot of words in French and I am working hard to know it more, I will continue to learn it now, and use it for the future.”

Out of the four matches played, Montreal are sitting eighth on the 14 team table with five points and will next face Inter Miami away on Thursday, May 13.

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