Steve Bull reacts to Rui Patricio incident

In an exclusive interview with Football FanCast, Wolves icon Steve Bull, who made 561 appearances for the club, has criticised the new offside rule where linesman are told to keep their flags down until the end of the play.

This new rule resulted in play continuing between Wolves and Liverpool on Monday night where Conor Coady ended up colliding with Rui Patricio, leaving him unconscious and on the floor for 14 minutes.

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Bull believes the rule is ridiculous and offside calls that aren’t marginal should be left to the linesman who is there to do a job, to flag when an attacking player is offside, and that they should be allowed to officiate on their own.

Speaking on the controversial rule which was brought into force this season and why the officials should be left alone to do their jobs, Bull told FFC:

I think it’s scandalous, because I think if the fans were in the stadium they wouldn’t know what’s going on.

“I think a linesman is there for a reason, to flag somebody offside. Yes, if it’s marginal, like an elbow or a toe, you can let it go. When it’s like a yard or two and it’s so blatant, they should flag.

I think they should let the officials analyse and do their job. It’s all just a farce now.”

There is usually at least one talking point regarding VAR every week, despite it being brought in with the expectation of reducing talking points in football.

Wolves felt hard done by against Liverpool seeing two penalty appeals waved away by both the referee and VAR officials, as well as losing Patricio to a concussion late on because of the new offside rule.

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