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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must win the FA Cup as a minimum if he wants to keep his job at Man Utd, according to former defender Paul Parker.

The Red Devils have dipped in the Premier League in recent weeks after only taking six points from the last 15 on offer,

That has allowed Man City, who have a game in hand, to build a seven-point lead at the top of table, while Man Utd are now in second position.

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Winning the title could now be a tough ask for Man Utd but Parker insists that Solskjaer must win a cup this season to have any chance of keeping his job.

Parker told “In my opinion, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to win a trophy this season. He must want to win a trophy and have the hunger to do so, or he will have no chance of surviving as Manchester United manager.

“He has got to have that drive, as well as be able to convince his players that they are going to win stuff. I would not have that any other way, especially at a club like Manchester United.

“The club needs to win something, and he does too, for himself. Ole needs it for his CV, and to prove to everyone that he is good enough to be the Manchester United manager. A trophy win could inspire the Glazers to invest more money in him rather than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“It is so important he gets the backing from the owners; he needs it more than most managers. He has lost a few semi-finals, and yes, people lose games, but the nature of football and social media is very tough for top players and managers.

“Everyone wants to call the manager and club ‘bottlers’ when they fail to win things. These comments come from people that have never played a game of football in their lives or have ever been in a high-pressure situation.

“But, suddenly, they have the right to tell people they’ve ‘bottled it.’ I find it strange, but that’s freedom of speech. Manchester United must go for the FA Cup this year, as a minimum.”


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