Mwakalebela: Yanga SC fans are provoked by alleged ‘poor officiating’ |

Timu ya Wananchi are unhappy with recent officiating which they allege has denied them wins

Yanga SC interim chairman Frederick Mwakalebela believes their fans are provoked by alleged ‘poor officiating’ which causes them trouble.

The administrator has raised his concerns regarding the officials in the Tanzania Mainland League which he believes are wanting. The fans have, at times, found themselves on the wrong side of the law and the official explains why.

“It is always Yanga fans who are fined; Tsh500,000, Tsh 1 million and so forth; and we are being told that our fans are always trouble makers,” Mwakalebela told reporters.

“Honestly, our fans are not trouble makers, but at times, there are provocative situations that arise which make our fans make noise and react.

“Yanga have been at the receiving end of poor officiating even in tough games which the players have done their best to win. We are even asking whether we should continue taking part in the league.”

The official hopes referees will be punished and that the responsible authorities will also act to ensure there is fairness in the game.

“If there is a predetermined champion, then crown them, why should we always be victims in every match we play?,” Mwakalebela posed a question.

“Tanzania Football federation, Tanzania Premier League Board, the 72-hour Committee, and the Referees Committee should urgently intervene.

“We will not tire from crying for justice and we are following up to know what action has been taken against the officials who were in charge in our game against Mbeya City and Kagera Sugar respectively.”  

Meanwhile, Timu ya Wananchi gave Simba SC communications officer Haji Manara a 14-day notice to publicly apologise for allegedly degrading their brand.

“Yanga is a big brand and recently, we celebrated 86 years since inception and the club has done great things,” Mwakalebela stated.

“We have used a lot of energy and resources to grow the Yanga brand in East Africa, it is not easy work. 

“However, recently Simba spokesperson Haji Manara decided to mock our brand. As Yanga management, we have taken legal redress as required.

“Through our lawyers, we have written to Manara and demanded a public apology in the next 14 days for degrading our brand, failure in which we will take him to court.”  

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