Liverpool ace Sadio Mane in ‘serious’ investment talks with French club

Liverpool forward Sadio Mane is “serious” over investing in a French fourth tier club and is in talks with Bourges Foot.

The French minnows currently sit in ninth place in National 2 but have ambitious plans.

The club are located in Bourges, in central France, and were only formed in 1983, but they have climbed through the amateur ranks to their highest ever placing in Championnat National 2.

And now Mane, who graduated at Generation Foot in Dakar, wants to invest in the club

Mane has engaged a specialist agency to aid him in the project with Bourges Foot, owned by fellow countryman Cheikh Sylla.

The mayor of Bourges, Yann Galut, told Le Berry Republicain: “The relations and exchanges that we have with Sadio Mane are serious.

“The contacts with the town hall are really there. Will they succeed or not? Given the international context, given the crisis, I don’t know.

“What I can say is that if it had not been for the Covid, we would have already welcomed Sadio Mane to Bourges to speak.

“In the exchanges I had with Sadio Mane, I really liked his philosophy, the fact that if he came to Bourges, and I still insist on the conditional, it would be in an approach that would not be a business approach.



“It would be an approach where training, the medium term, people, would be put forward. I, myself, insisted with him on the importance of women’s sport.

‘Warrior’ Mane

“There is interest and enthusiasm with us.”

Meanwhile, Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness has hailed Mane’s fighting spirit.

Souness said: “Mane as well – it’s a word you wouldn’t associate with Mane but he’s a proper warrior. I don’t think anyone gets an easy ride when you play against him.

“You could kick him in the first minute and then every five minutes after that. But he’ll be back after you at every turn, he’s a real player.”

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