Kaze blames ‘two fathers’ at Yanga SC for bringing him down |

The Burundian tactician says there are two officials at the Jangwani giants who tend to disrupt the work of coaches

Cedric Kaze has explained the biggest problem that caused him to falter in Yanga SC was the interference from unknown quarters in his performance.

The Burundian tactician was fired by the Jangwani giants on March 7 just after the team had settled for a 1-1 draw against Polisi Tanzania and had lost 2-1 to Coastal Union three days earlier  – their first defeat of the 2020-21 campaign.

Kaze, who was fired alongside his entire technical, is still in Dar es Salaam and is yet to travel to his native country.

On Monday, he claimed “two fathers” at Yanga – without giving their real names – brought about his downfall because they were pulling the team in a different direction, for their own interests.

“You know I have to be very clear, one family cannot have two fathers it must be shaky, there will be no compromise as everyone will be giving their instructions and it will disrupt things,” Kaze explained as quoted by Sokalabongo.

“In Yanga there are two fathers, intelligent people will understand me. The coach stays with the players and you plan everything but another father comes and tells them to do the same thing the other way, and another father calls the players and talks about the weird things that disrupt unity and form groups here and there.

“But the good thing is the players were coming and telling me everything they were told, you are sitting in your planning session while someone else is coming to the side and he has different ideas to tell the players.

“I was very patient and I became aware my players and were understanding me, although sometimes humans understand who they are. With this state of interaction with people interfering in technical matters then Yanga cannot go far.”

Kaze continued: “It got to the point where someone called to say don’t play him because he belongs to our rivals Simba. The most amazing things in this world I have found in Yanga. I sit and talk to my players, but someone is calling to find out what that thing is about? And when he finds out, he starts packing his things.

“I want to tell the fans and members of Yanga that I Kaze loved their team and I have done everything possible to give them comfort that is why I am not tied with Simba, I have given Mapinduzi Cup, I have left the team leading the league, do not hurt, don’t be sad, but they should not be disappointed with the way their team is run. No coach can succeed if he is not given the opportunity to be free of his plans and his players.”

Yanga have already named Juma Mwambusi as the interim coach, with Hubert Velud set to take over next season.

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