‘I’m not a robot, it’s not like the PlayStation’ – Tottenham’s Aurier on his consistency |

The Ivory Coast captain is often the poster boy for defeats when Jose Mourinho’s side drop points in the Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur defender Serge Aurier admits he is not at his best sometimes and he said football is not like playing video game, PlayStation.

After heavy criticism in 2019-20 for his lacklustre performances, Aurier has been impressive for Spurs this season with his fine defensive displays and his attacking contributions of two goals in 13 Premier League matches.

The former Paris Saint-Germain defender, however, stated how he tries to improve his game and he also applauded Jose Mourinho for his support even when he performs below par.

“When people know about football they know you can’t play 150 matches and 150 good matches. One in 10 matches, I may play badly and people say ‘no, you don’t have the right’,” Aurier told Soccer Stories – Oh my Goal via Football London.

“But I do. I’m not a robot, it’s not like the Playstation. It’s not like pressing a button and things happen. You are allowed to mess up sometimes.

“So if Mourinho came out to defend me, it’s because it was a period when I gave a lot and I was good. So yes ‘Serge can mess up once, but he does it again, I won’t be able to defend him, but he can mess up in one game out of 10’.

“It is the way the relationship works. I don’t like being the coach’s buddy. We are professionals. It means do your job, I’ll do mine, because if tomorrow the club wants me out because I’m not good enough, I won’t take you in my suitcase.

“Same for the coach. If you have to be fired because the results are not good, they won’t kick me out along with you. We both have to do our job and take our responsibilities.

“Football is a collective sport but also individual in a way.”

Aurier is out of Tottenham squad for Thursday’s Uefa Europa League clash with Wolfsberger AC due to a calf injury and he is also expected to miss their Premier League fixture against West Ham United on Sunday.

“Serge, sadly, may be even more time than Sergio,” Mourinho said in a press conference. “I would say that Sergio has some chances for Sunday, many chances for the second leg. I don’t believe Serge Aurier can do either of these two, and, of course, Gio is not there.”

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