Former Tottenham star’s role in Doherty transfer explained, as Simeone pull too good to refuse

Matt Doherty has revealed the reasons he made the move from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid, with a former Spurs star influencing his decision.

Doherty’s exit has come somewhat out of the blue. Yes, Spurs’ interest in Pedro Porro has been well reported for some time.

However, that did not mean the Irishman’s exit from the club was certain. He’s not played every game this season, so it’s not as if he’s not used to sitting on the bench every now and then.

Opportunities will be fewer and further between now, though, and it seems that was identified by both the player and the club.

As such, Doherty’s contract was mutually terminated at Spurs, and he made his way to Madrid. The route from Spurs to Atletico is one that’s been taken before.

Indeed, Newcastle United right-back Kieran Trippier left Tottenham for the Metropolitano in 2019. It seems that move had a bearing on Doherty’s decision.

“It all happened really fast,” he told the Atletico Madrid website.

“Once I got the notification that this was possible, it was extremely difficult to reject the chance to come over and play for this club.

“Just from what I’ve heard from people like Kieran Trippier, I’m very excited. With the way he said he [Simeone] coaches and the players play, he said I’d really enjoy myself here.”

Doherty has followed the club from afar for some time and he says the high regard he has always had from them could have had an impact on his move.

“I always remember watching them play with admiration, so those tweets (from 2016) were real and I meant what I said. Maybe the signs were there from six years ago,” he added.

“It will be interesting to see how the team sets up for games in training and the different styles.”

Of course, Doherty will be hoping he finds his way into the starting XI following his move. He wouldn’t have made the switch if he didn’t expect to get onto the pitch regularly.

Nahuel Molina is the starting right-back at the club at the moment, and Doherty will be keen to displace him and get going with his new side.

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