Everton fans slammed by Simon Jordan

Everton fans have received some backlash from TalkSport’s Simon Jordan on deadline day for the toxicity surrounding the Merseyside club.

What’s the latest?

It has been a season to forget so far for Everton with the Toffees sitting second bottom of the Premier League table only on goal difference.

Frank Lampard has been sacked as a result and Sean Dyche has recently been appointed as the man to turn around their fortunes in the league.

Tuesday’s transfer deadline day saw Everton become the only side in the Premier League not to bring in a single player to strengthen their side.

However, speaking on TalkSport, Jordan has hit out at the toxic environment which has been surrounding the club as a result of the recent protests by some Everton fans:

“What you’ve got now is what you’ve got. Would you prefer to have a demonstration and vilify everybody that’s there, create a toxic atmosphere for the games on Saturday, and the games that are coming up?

“It won’t help anybody. It doesn’t help anything. It does not help a single thing. I understand it’s their football club. I understand that they feel enraged by the whole set of experiences that they’re having, but that’s not going to solve anything. That will get you that extra two yards of steps into the Championship.”

Blame all around

It really has been a season which has offered very few positives for the Everton faithful so far with transfer deadline day pretty much summing up their campaign so far.

The Toffees are in serious danger of potentially being relegated this season with just 15 points to show from their opening 20 games.

However, the board were unable to provide Dyche with any new faces in an attempt to salvage what has been a fairly disastrous campaign to date.

Have Everton fans protested too harshly?




And adding to that, the Toffees have also lost their young star Anthony Gordon who brought in £45m to the club over the weekend which has, therefore, not been spent.

What is perhaps most frustrating is Everton reportedly submitted a bid of £45m for Conor Gallagher on Monday which was rejected by the player.

But on Tuesday, the money which was reportedly put forward for Gallagher remained unspent meaning any possible new signings will have to come from the free agents market.

So it is understandable to see the Everton fans vent their frustration at the likes of Farhad Moshiri when they are paying their hard-earned money and not seeing the owner provide Dyche with a helping hand to keep the club in the top flight.

Now, it is worth mentioning the Toffees have been backed significantly in the past by their owner but the money has clearly not been spent wisely.

But Everton now finds themselves right in the mix for relegation and with the teams around them strengthening their sides, frustration from the fans will only be natural.

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