Are Liverpool really in a tier below Chelsea and City?

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Fanmail for Calvino
Calvino makes a good point about questioning Klopp’s tactical flexibility only in the sense of, given the players we have at our disposal at the moment and not creating chances, we should be trying something different for now.

That’s the only decent point he makes however as the rest of the email descends quickly into absolute pish.

I’m guessing he knows next to nothing about Klopp’s Dortmund team and therefore knows nothing of games when different tactics were used. It’s like something a Sky pundit would say.

Then he goes on about the ‘Megaclubs’ that can ‘never be topped’ and nonsense like and I burst out laughing because I think about how it’s heading for ten years without a title for Man United, and they have managerial heavy weight Ole in charge, and they’re miles off the pace again with no decent excuse for it. The arrogance and delusion is astounding.

And don’t get me started on PSG. In the big scheme of football, what have they ever done of note aside from win their domestic league?

I’m sure I’m like Calvino then, in that I’d be more than happy for Liverpool to stick with Klopp for the next 10 years, and United to stick with master tactician Ole.
Vinnie B, LFC, Glasgow


…I’m not going to get drawn into a protracted d*ck measuring contest about which clubs are bigger than which. I can’t let it go unchecked however that Liverpool are in a secondary tier of clubs alongside Tottenham whilst clubs such as Chelsea, PSG and City sit above in the top tier.


…Damn, lockdown has made Calvino lonely. Please, won’t someone pay him some attention so we don’t have to waste any more time reading unnecessarily-long windups? Cal, maybe try bullet points? Or perhaps befriend a local crow? Corvids are highly intelligent creatures and can make for great companions.

In the unlikely event that Cal was asking a genuine question in his second email (well, second published email – I’m guessing there were more), it’s simple. The reason your team gets so much negative attention is that the vast majority of United fans are glory-hunters, starved of the thing they came for and understandably bitter about it. But there is an upside: you’re probably only one more Ole year away from most of them abandoning the sinking ship.


Blaming Klopp for injuries
Just been reading Glen Stuart’s email, and could not resist his invitation to rebut!

Let’s kick off with Gomez, since when did he become such a colossally important player? In 2018/2019, when they won the CL and finished second in PL, he only played in 16 PL games (don’t know how many were starts/substitute appearances etc.). The following year, when Pool won the title, he only played 28 games. So, unless you’re braindead, you deduct two things from the above: 1) He’s injury prone, and 2) He’s not that important a player. If you finish second in the PL with him only playing 16 times, he can’t be that crucial a player.

Secondly, Klopp (AKA the bestest manager the world’s ever seen!) plays a ridiculously strong team, in a total dead-rubber against FC Midtjylland, in which Jota gets injured. If you have a manager who’s stupid enough to play a strong team in a meaningless game, whose fault is that? That’s not bad luck, that’s utter bad manager.

He’s played the same 12-13 players for three seasons non-stop, with very little rotation, paying at a million miles an hour, and Glen doesn’t think the injuries were predictable!?!

Then he decides to sell a central defender and go into the season with just 3, 2 of whom (Matip & Gomez) are extremely injury-prone. Hard to predict indeed!?!

Besides, as the Pool legend Jamie Carragher said recently on Sky, that does not excuse losing at home to the likes of Burnley, or drawing with West Brom etc. I remember the erstwhile bestest manager ever, Sir Fergie, playing virtual B sides against weaker oppositions, and winning comfortably. If you can’t beat Burnley and West Brom at home with 10 CL winners, then that’s not bad luck.

To summarise, virtually all injuries suffered by pool were predictable, and/or manager’s fault. If he’s given all accolades going, when they win, he should take the blame too, when they lose as a direct result of his stupid decisions, as alluded to above.
Fred (Fed up with all the Liverpool fan excuses, learn from us long-suffering Spurs fans offering no excuses!), London


This Liverpool fan fears relegation under Klopp
I am Danny and I am a Liverpool supporter since I was 5 or 6 years old.

There is something wrong at Liverpool – the attitudes, health, standards, being too proud, bad luck, competitiveness from other teams

Other teams have found out how to block Liverpool’s attack and penetrate their defense.

Other than that the manager has reached their peak and have no desire to win more – in other words Jurgen isn’t the same man since winning the Champions league World Club Cup Super Cup and Premier.

So if he has no more desire or his heart isn’t there, remove him or allow him to resign and bring someone in who can do a job or bring someone else in until he can recover as this Liverpool Club will get relegated and if that happened it will be one of the most incredible developments since football was invented.


Give Jose a rest now…
I think Pierre, LFC, Bristol could be on to something in his suggestion of giving Jurgen Klopp the rest of the season off.

In fact, I’d like to suggest that Spurs could do the same with Jose. He is obviously mentally exhausted from the trauma of relentlessly finding people to blame and seems to lack the energy to define training sessions for more than half his squad.

Daniel Levy could tell Jose to take until the summer to be with his family, leaving Ledley King to take charge for the rest of a season that is inevitably going to peter out with a league finish of about 8th and glorious final / semi-final disappointment in the two competitions that they remain in.

Then, Jose returns for pre-season raring to go …. and finds that Julian Nagelsmann has changed the f*cking locks!

I can dream, can’t I?
Chris Bridgeman, Kingston upon Thames


Anything Giroud can do…
Well just like buses you wait for one outstanding overhead kick to be scored and then two come along at once, rivalries aside that was an outstanding goal from Dele Alli, in fact from what i saw he had an incredible game last night, but we all know how he will yet again be benched by Jose Mourinho for the next game because Jose being Jose.

Feels a bit surreal to be writing in about Spurs, so I will end the mail with a question for everyone, after a week of incredible bicycle kick goals or whatever you wish to call them, what is your favourite since the turn of year 2000?
Mikey, CFC


On concocted derbies
I’ve read some nonsense on the letters page of F365, but the letter from James Collins of Waterford on the subject of derbies should be in line for some sort of award. I quote the most laughable part:-

“What has happened since the advent of Sky Sports is manufactured derbies such as (the) Black Country Derby, Wolves vs West Brom… For the sake of making it interesting TV, Sky have made up these concocted derbies to maybe generate some rivalry”

James is not from England, so I’ll be (comparatively) gentle with him, but almost everything in that sentence is wrong. If he thinks the Black Country Derby is ‘concocted’ he genuinely knows nothing about football in the Midlands. For his benefit, Wolves and West Brom are founder members of the football league, and so the first game between the clubs was played in 1888, yes, over a century before Sky invented football in 1992.

There have been many, many memorable clashes between the two sides over the tears, from them fighting it out for the title in 1953-54, Wolves winning 7-1in the 60s, the 5-1 win for the Boggies that cost Mick Mccarthy his job, Steve Bull’s last minute winner at the Hawthorns. There have been at least three books written on the subject that I know of, and if he were to work in almost any factory or office in the West Midlands, he’d realise what a daft thing he’s written.

I can’t speak for the other match ups he quoted, although I suspect Portsmouth and Southampton fans might feel the same way as I do, but seriously, James, at least look into a subject next time you fire up your keyboard. What’s next? There’s no rivalry between Newcastle and Sunderland fans? Cardiff and Swansea fans quite like each other really? Concocted by Sky. I despair, I really do.

Paul Quinton, Wolves (if you hadn’t guessed)

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