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talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan has defended Sheffield United owner, Prince Abdullah, over his claims that Chris Wilder asked for a £4m pay-off earlier this season.

Wilder left Sheffield United earlier this month after discontent was growing between the manager and the club’s owner, Prince Abdullah.

The owner told Sky Sports on Wednesday that Wilder asked to resign twice before he did eventually leave and he demanded a £4m pay-off.

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As cited by the Sheffield Star, the talkSPORT pundit said that the owner was just “setting the record straight” in his life:

“I think what he’s doing is setting the record straight.

“You’ve got this imbalance in certain segments of the media where because a manager’s achieved something once upon a time, ultimately whatever they do going forward, it gives them a pass. The owner is saying, ‘Hold on just a second’.

“I was a major admirer of Chris Wilder’s, and I thought the work that he’s done to go Sheffield United back into the Premier League has been phenomenal, but it’s been a one-way transaction. The first ever adversity that Chris Wilder’s had, he wants to resign.

“This is football managers, this is how they operate at times, because they come from a cult of football players who operate that way.

“What Prince Abdullah has done is say, ‘Let’s just correct this’, because there’ll be a building up narrative in local press that Chris Wilder has been badly handled, that he hasn’t had investment, that it’s all down to the ownership, and that Chris Wilder is a hero and he should be treated that way.

“I like balance. I like fairness. I like equity. When I read these words, they’re so intuitive to thinking that I have.

“If you are the ultimate controlling authority, you don’t have to be specific [in your criticism]. It’s implied and understood.

“I listened to Chris Wilder’s press conferences over the past six months, and he did nothing but complain.

“He talks about how he hadn’t got what he wanted from the management. Absolute nonsense – it was advancing a disingenuous perspective, which football managers often do because he was unhappy with his lot.

“His relationship with Prince Abdullah is something he should have been working on instead of using the media to air his grievances”.

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