Eli Manning has gnarly wipeout while recording his kids skiing (Video)

Eli Manning totally eats it while trying to document his kids skiing.

As if Eli Manning could be any more relatable, here he is wiping out while trying to video tape his kids skiing. This is equally expected as it is. . .charming.

After mastering the art of walking and chewing gum, oh, he took it up a level. Manning decided he needed to record his kids skiing, while also skiing himself. Totally out of his element, the New Orleans native did what many of us fine southern folk do when precipitation freezes outside: We fall to the earth, while laughing at our embarrassing mess. I have never related to an athlete more.

Eli Manning French Fried when he should have Pizza-ed

Sages Trey Parker and Matt Stone once taught us via cartoons that if you French fry when you should have pizza-ed, you’re going to have a bad time. The youngest Manning indeed had a bad time. I am not saying this is the worst thing to happen to him since getting benched in favor of Daniel Jones in his final NFL season, but I am also not saying that. Skiing is a dangerous activity.

It has been a hard year for all of us, but know the man who beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. . .twice. . .can fall down while recording his kids skiing just like you. He is (likely) going to have a bronze bust in Canton in the same hallway not far from where his older brother’s giant head will be. Until the end of time, there will never be another more relatable Hall of Famer than little old Eli.

For those of you silly, but lovable southerners about to fall in the dang snow again, we salute you.

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