David Carr proposes a perfect Deshaun Watson/Bears trade

Former Texans quarterback David Carr sees the Bears as a great fit for Deshaun Watson.

The Chicago Bears whiffed in the 2017 NFL Draft by taking Mitchell Trubisky over the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. The team can now rectify that mistake by trading for Watson this offseason.

The Bears are one of the obvious candidates and are also being linked to Carson Wentz. Former Texans No. 1 overall pick and current NFL analyst David Carr expressed his view on why the Bears may be the perfect destination for Watson.

Carr sees a fit with Watson and the Bears

“I think the Chicago Bears could offer them something they might not be able to say no to,” Carr says in the clip. He also believes Allen Robinson could return if someone like Watson is there under center.

The Bears own their first-round pick in 2021 and in the years following. So if they want to finally land Watson, they will have to pay a steep price to make up for the 2017 decision.

The segment Carr shared this belief on featured him being asked about the one move he wants to see this offseason. He still did preface that he thinks Watson wanting out is crazy, but the point remains the Bears are a great fit.

The one thing Carr did not do is get into the specifics of a trade. That is hard to do in general because no one is sure what the Texans want or if they will even genuinely consider proposals under the leadership of Jack Easterby.

Ryan Pace and the Bears are going to want to act fast to avoid missing out on a potential upgrade. That could mean the team trades for Wentz before the Texans truly consider Watson deals.

Carr noted how the Bears have pieces in place, but just need a quarterback. Fans in Chicago can now start dreaming up an offense featuring Watson while they also hope Pace doesn’t make yet another mistake in determining his franchise quarterback.

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