Cubs: Jed Hoyer throws cold water on those Kris Bryant trade rumors

The Cubs are reportedly not actively shopping Kris Bryant at this point in time.

The Kris Bryant rumors have been swirling all offseason. That was to be expected considering the Chicago Cubs star is entering the final year of his contract and doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with the organization after his service-time grievance.

Bryant has been linked to just about every contender seeking an upgrade at third base and the New York Mets are a team that has come up time and time again because of new owner Steve Cohen’s willingness to spend big to win.

Those rumors came to a half this week when Cubs GM Jed Hoyer said there are no active talks right now.

Hoyer shuts down Bryant rumors

Hoyer’s comments could be taken several different ways. The first is to assume he is simply not tipping his hand and didn’t want to create any drama by saying he is doing what it takes to move Bryant. That wouldn’t exactly be great for team morale right before Spring Training.

But it is also possible he is simply telling the truth. MLB offseason rumors sometimes seem fishy and if they are not coming from a team or an agent, a “rumor” may be nothing more than just that.

Cubs fans are now left wondering if there is a long-term plan involving Bryant. The team is already reportedly set to figure out extensions for Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez. If Bryant part of that equation too? If not, keeping him this season may not be in the best long-term interest of the franchise.

Hoyer and the Cubs still have time on their side. Opening Day is not for about six weeks and teams may start to get desperate once live game-action begins.

The possibility remains that the Cubs want to make one final run with the current core. But not trading Bryant before the start of the season doesn’t necessarily mean that is the plan. It could just mean there wasn’t an offer good enough to make a deal.

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