Cubs: 3 best moves of the offseason so far

The Cubs have made several offseason moves that fans should be excited about.

The Chicago Cubs are nearing a monumental moment in franchise history. The team can either choose to keep the current core of talent around or go into a rebuild and look toward the future.

The club may end up landing somewhere in the middle by keeping some stars and not others. But so far this offseason, the Cubs have avoided any drastic decisions and have actually made some nice acquisitions.

3 best moves made so far

3. Signing Jake Arrieta for cheap

Earlier this month, a report came out saying the Cubs and Jake Arrieta wouldn’t get a deal done because the asking price was too high. So much for that rumor being true. Arrieta signed a one-year, $6 million deal to reunite with his former team.

The former Cubs ace just wrapped up a three-year, $75 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies and his asking price could have been much higher than $6 million. But it is also possible he wanted to return to Chicago, and his salary is still not a minimum one in any regard.

This deal involves the Cubs hoping a return to Chicago can get Arrieta back to his old ways. He did not live up to the money in Philadelphia and finished his tenure with a 4.36 ERA in only 64 starts. He has a career 2.73 ERA during his time with the Cubs.

Taking Yu Darvish and Jon Lester out of the rotation had some fans worried. Adding Arrieta should at least add some promise to the rotation in 2021. His salary won’t sink the season if he doesn’t live up to expectations.

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