Cowboys: Dez Bryant hints at Dallas return, or another possible landing spot

After his 2020 stint with the Baltimore Ravens, Dez Bryant is hinting at a return to the Dallas Cowboys and is expressing interest in another contender.

Dez Bryant hadn’t played a down in the NFL since 2017 before signing with and suiting up for the Baltimore Ravens. The veteran receiver would only appear in six games for the Ravens, being targeted by Lamar Jackson just 11 times, making six receptions for 47 total yards and two touchdowns in his highly-anticipated return to the gridiron.

As veteran players all around the league continue to be moved around with free agency on the horizon, Bryant is making it known that he wouldn’t mind returning to the team that drafted him as a first-round pick in 2010.

Bryant told TMZ that he welcomes the opportunity to get back to Dallas, where he spent his first eight seasons prior to his hiatus.

“I’ll tell you this,” Dez said, “if it was possible, of course, I’d be open to it if it was possible. For the most part, I understand what they’ve got going on over there, and I think what they’re doing is beautiful. I’m happy that they paid Dak (Prescott), that was very important. I’m a big chemistry guy, I’m not so much hyped on talent. I love what they’ve got going on.”

Bryant also named another contender on his wishlist.

Veteran receiver Dez Bryant says he wants to play for the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are starting to become the popular landing spot for NFL veterans looking to join a contender. Most notably, J.J. Watt joined the Cardinals earlier this month after spending his first 10 seasons with the Houston Texans. Bryant may be looking to follow suit.

“I think that would be dope being next to my boy D Hop [Deandre Hopkins], Christian Kirk, Kyler Murray,” Bryant said Thursday, via TMZ. “I think they have a dope offense. I feel like they got a dope defense. I think they got a dope coach . . . If I had to choose, yeah, if that opportunity presented itself, I think I would take it.”

Larry Fitzgerald still hasn’t announced whether he intends to play in the 2021 season or to retire. Pending his decision, there could be an opening for Bryant on the depth chart. Could you see Bryant having an impact on this Cardinals team with their current roster?

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