Cowboys: Demarcus Ware backs Tony Romo for Pro Football Hall of Fame

Will former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo end up being voted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame? 

After his incredible career with the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo is eligible to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame come 2022. Leading up to things, there’s plenty of discussion going on a to whether or not Romo belongs.

If you ask former Dallas teammate DeMarcus Ware, who himself is hoping to get into the Hall of Fame as well, Romo is deserving of his shot. Will he end up making it in, though?

DeMarcus Ware is pushing for Tony Romo to get into the Hall of Fame

“From his resume, yes,” Ware told the Dallas Morning News. “If it’s going off championships, no. If it’s one of those things where you’re looking at a Hall of Fame quarterback according to how many titles they won, he won’t make it. But, from the way he played and the stats that he put up, all of that? Yes. He’ll make it for sure. Especially with his image now in the media, being a big-time guy on television. So, he is the perfect candidate for it.”

Ware makes some great points. The biggest knock on Romo is that he didn’t win a Super Bowl and that he was known for struggling in postseason games. However, he finished his time with the Cowboys throwing for 34,183 yards and 248 touchdowns. He was also voted to the Pro Bowl four different seasons.

These days, Romo is still in the spotlight, as he’s joined the CBS broadcasting booth and is downright outstanding with his color commentary. Soon enough, we’ll find out if Romo will also be remembered forever in Canton. If you ask Ware, the decision is an easy one.

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