Christian Arroyo’s bat flew further than the Red Sox offense in Game 6 (Video)

The Boston Red Sox offense has fallen off a cliff in the ALCS vs. the Astros with Christian Arroyo’s flying bat a symbol of futility.

An Astros fan at Minute Maid Park got a surprise souvenir from Game 6 of the ALCS when Christian Arroyo sent his bat twirling into the stands.

The bat flew clear over the Astros dugout and into the netting behind, where the fan was able to grab it for a keepsake.

Arroyo let the fan keep his prize. After all, that bat hadn’t done him or the Red Sox any good for several games.

Christian Arroyo and the Red Sox offense can’t get anything going

In fact, that moment and the entire at-bat were a microcosm of everything that’s gone wrong for the Red Sox since they went up 2-1 in the series. That bat flew further than the Boston offense in the last two games and change.

Arroyo chased a series of bad pitches en route to an embarrassing strikeout.

That was his second such strikeout of the night, but he’s not the only Red Sox batter struggling either.

Going into the sixth inning of Game 6, Boston produced one run in their last 22 innings. For the second straight game, they went four innings without a hit. While Framber Valdez lost his perfect game in the fifth inning of Game 5, Luis Garcia entered the sixth with a no-hitter, losing it to Kike Hernandez. Both were impressive pitching performances to be sure, but the Red Sox were no help to themselves.


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