Chicago White Sox news: Jose Abreu tests positive for COVID-19

White Sox slugger Jose Abreu has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 while at Spring Training.

The Chicago White Sox are a fascinating team in 2021. They have a talented young core in place and just broke a postseason drought last year that began in 2009. Jose Abreu is a huge part of the team’s success and has been a foundational piece for years.

The 34-year-old just won the American League MVP Award and has been racking up awards and honors since making his debut in 2014. Unfortunately, he has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 and is now away from the team.

Jose Abreu is not facing a long absence after the positive test

The good news from this report is that Abreu is showing no symptoms. It is also explained that Abreu carries antibodies and believes he already contracted the virus earlier this year. Regardless, he is away from the team for several days.

This should not be a major setback for someone with Abreu’s level of experience. If anything, it is just a minor distraction before Spring Training games even begin. The most important thing after any positive test is that the individual is healthy. The same is true for their family, friends, teammates, and anyone else who could have contracted the virus.

Abreu played in all 60 regular-season games in 2020 and managed to hit 19 home runs and drive in 60 runs. He also posted an impressive .617 slugging percentage. Unlike some other stars, Abreu’s play was not affected by the bizarre structure of the season.

This news also serves as a reminder that COVID-19 is still with us and positive tests may come up during the 162-game 2021 season. The hope is that outbreaks are avoided and any positive is a mild case or one with no symptoms.

Abreu has a right to be upset with this news. Overall, this should be a minor setback that is forgotten about once he is back in camp as the reigning AL MVP.

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