Can the Broncos get out of the Russell Wilson contract?

The Denver Broncos have had quite a disappointing season with Russell Wilson, and they may be stuck with him for several more years.

The Denver Broncos made their first mistake of 2022 when they signed Russell Wilson to a 5-year $242.6 million contract. There were no signs that Wilson would play as poorly as he is this season, but now the lengthy contract is backfiring as it’s a difficult one to escape.

According to Sam Monson of PFF, if the Broncos cut Wilson at the start of the 2023 league year, the dead cap would hit a whopping $107 million over the next two years. The Atlanta Falcons currently have the largest dead cap in NFL history at slightly over $40 million. The Broncos would certainly be in a deep mess with so much money wasted.

They’d have a lot of trouble getting out of Wilson’s contract considering the amount of debt it’d put them in. As painful as it is right now for Broncos fans to have to stand by and watch bad performance continue, it’d be more worth it to stick out the season and hope for the best in 2023.

After all, this season doesn’t accurately reflect the talent he’s shown in his 10 previous.

There could be hope for Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson

At this point in the season, all hope of him doing well is out the window. If he hasn’t performed up to his own standards once this season, he’s highly unlikely to in this final stretch. However, he performed much better with the Seattle Seahawks for 10 consecutive seasons, so there is hope that this is just a fluke bad season for him.

His past four seasons, in particular, have been extremely good. He recorded 1,264 completions for a completion percentage of 66.3, covering 14,883 yards. He also had 131 touchdowns. This season is far from telling of his ability, and while it’s extremely unfortunate that it’s playing out this way, he has the potential to do great things for Denver.

Let’s hope that he will, since escaping his contract will only leave a massive amount of debt in Denver.

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