Brandon Woodruff beats Jacob deGrom for MLB’s most depressing stat

New York Mets fans complaining about the lack of run support for ace Jacob deGrom has no idea what Brandon Woodruff of the Milwaukee Brewers has had to go through this season.

Baseball fans are well aware that New York Mets fans dread starts by Jacob deGrom. While the pitcher is downright magical on the mound, it is the lack of run support the team provides for him that leads to Mets fans being absolutely miserable after the game.

Mets fans, Brandon Woodruff and Milwaukee Brewers fans want you to hold their beer.

As of this Wednesday, Woodruff is provided 1.82 runs of support per nine innings, which is the lowest for any qualified starting pitcher in MLB.

Brewers: Brandon Woodruff provided the lowest run support in MLB

When you look at the team’s hitting statistics, this should not come as a shock. Through 37 games, the Brewers ranks 28th in batting average (.214), 26th in OPS (.660) and 25th in runs scored (139). What makes this even more head-scratching is the fact that the Brewers still hold a 20-17 record and sit in second place in the NL Central.

Despite starting in a league-high eight games this season, Woodruff has factored in the team’s decision just three times with a 2-1 record. So far this season, Woodruff recorded a 1.64 ERA, a 0.73 WHIP, 61 strikeouts and 12 walks in 491 innings pitched.

Woodruff is next slated to take the mound this upcoming Tuesday in a game against a Kansas City Royals team that fell back down to Earth after a hot start to the 2021 season.

Sorry Mets fans, you can not complain about deGrom being the only starter to get no run support this season. Brewers fans deal with it every time Woodruff starts a game in 2021.

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