Brandon Adams nails Serhii Bohachuk for round 8 TKO

Serhii Bohachuk vs. Brandon Adams looked like a good boxing bout on paper, but the fight night action surpassed the hype. 

The junior middleweight boxing bout between Serhii Bohachuk and Brandon Adams was all action from the opening bell. Bohachuk’s output was on point, but one moment instantly changed the fight.

Bohachuk (18-1, 18 KOs) was the favorite heading into their March 4, Ring City USA main event. At 25 years old, the Ukrainian boxer is six years younger than Adams and three inches taller. He was undefeated with a perfect knockout rating.

Bohachuk had beautiful stats, but they couldn’t stand up to Adams’ left hook.

Adams (23-3, 15 KOs) is used to playing the role of underdog. The boxer, originally from Watts, CA, didn’t take up boxing until 18 years of age. Over his 10-year professional boxing career, Adams has battled managerial problems, inactivity, and some injuries. However, winning season five of the reality T.V. show The Contender showed his potential and hunger for boxing.

Before the fight, Adams told FanSided that he feared what a loss could mean to his career.

“I could just disappear like this,” said Adams. “I could always go back to the dark.”

After his performance against Bohachuk, Adams will be in the spotlight instead of the dark.

Brandon Adams was losing the fight but won the war against Serhii Bohachuk with a perfectly placed left hook

Bohachuk vs. Adams was competitive for the first two rounds, with a slight edge to Adams. He stayed in the pocket and traded with Bohachuk and found a home for his left hook.

The momentum shifted to Bohachuk in round 3. Adams lost a point for low blows, and Bohachuk picked up the pace. Things continued to slide for Adams as Bohachuk was able to push him backward.

Bohachuk’s endurance was unbelievable as he continued to let his hands go. Adams tried to move but repeatedly slipped on the slick ring canvas at the Felix Pagan Pintor Gym in Puerto Rico. Bohachuk was winning rounds and looking good, but everything changed at the end of round 8.

Bohachuk was comfortable and almost out of round 8, but Adams stunned him with a left hook that he didn’t see coming. Bohachuk bounced against the ropes and was catapulted into another Adams’ left hook that landed cleanly on his jaw.

With one punch, Adams sent Bohachuk to the canvas, where he sat completely out of sorts. He was hurt badly, and the referee stopped the fight with less than 15 seconds remaining in round 8.

There are many things that haven’t gone Adams’ way throughout his career, but his resilience in boxing and life was key to his victory over Bohachuk. He was losing the fight, but he never gave up hope and kept punching. Adams just needed the right shot, and he found it.

That’s two sensational knockouts in a row for Adams’ on Ring City USA events. He will surely headline another show for the newer fight production and is exceeding expectations. Everything is going Adams way for once, and his success is well deserved.




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