Udonis Haslem becomes second oldest player to make the NBA Finals

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel of your NBA career now? Udonis Haslem: I see the light. It took a while, but I see the light. The light for me is to step into the phase of being the owner. That’s the light for me, man. There’s no disrespect to coaching or anything that those guys do, because I think we have one of the greatest coaches [Riley] to ever pick up a pen and pad. But for me, all the things that I’ve witnessed, not just in this organization, but around the entire the NBA — because I do have relationships with everybody in this league, different teams, different owners, different GMs [general managers] — I’ve got a lot of respect and a lot of relationships with different people. And the conversations that I’ve had with people, the information that I’ve gathered, and everything that I’ve experienced, the next step for me is to be stepping into an ownership situation and sitting next to the guys like Mickey and Pat and [Heat CEO] Nick [Arison] and those guys. -via Andscape / May 29, 2023

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