Suns: Big changes on the horizon?

This season has been a roller coaster for the Suns. After getting off to a 16-7 start, they are now hovering around .500 and are in the play-in picture. While injuries, particularly to Devin Booker, are to blame for their 9-17 skid since, they probably also overachieved a bit early on considering they were missing Chris PaulCam Johnson, and Jae Crowder.

Despite cries for the Suns to blow it up, they are well-positioned to be one of the biggest buyers ahead of the trade deadline. They have all of their first-round picks and plenty of large salaries they could put together to match for just about anybody. The Suns may have stabilized things if their recent four-game winning streak means anything, and the return of Booker can help get them back into the playoff picture. With the West wide open, there’s a good case for them to push their chips in and make a big trade.

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