Paul Pierce says Ime Udoka punishment should be just a fine, no suspension

This week, Timberwolves legend Kevin Garnett and his former Boston Celtics teammate Paul Pierce sat down and discussed how good Minnesota could be in 2022-23. In The Truth’s eyes, he sees them being a top-four team in the Western Conference: “I think it’s gonna short them up in the playoffs. They ain’t gonna be a seven eight seed, I think they can be a top-four seed now. That kid Edwards gonna be better, D’Angelo Russell has to stay, he can knock down shots. He’s just gotta figure it out, I don’t need him to be no All-Star, He’s just gotta knock down shots and be solid. Rudy Gobert going to sure up the Timberwolves’ defense now. They couldn’t defend. They had a hard time just defending Memphis. They kept getting walked down,” said Pierce. -via Clutch Points / September 21, 2022

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