Nikola Vucevic on trade rumors: I didn’t pay much attention to it

Vucevic admitted he was bringing his offensive miscues to the defensive side of the ball during the first half of last season, and that is never a good look. That’s why trading Vucevic became a common hot take on social media at the start of the offseason. News flash: Nikola Vucevic is still with the Bulls. And not only is he still with the Bulls, but a source said both sides want him to stay with the team beyond the last year of his contract this coming season and will have initial discussions on what that might look like when training camp begins in the fall. Why? Because if the price is right, Vucevic remains the type of player who fits in with how the Bulls were built on both ends of the floor. -via Chicago Sun-Times / August 6, 2022

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