Kyrie Irving has list of teams he’d like them to consider on sign-and-trades

Then there’s the smallest of sample-size theater. James Wiseman played all of 69 minutes at Memphis, while Darius Garland played five games at Vanderbilt. Famously, Kyrie Irving played only 11 games at Duke. Top 2022 prospect Shaedon Sharpe didn’t play a single game this season for Kentucky. One executive said he’s been burned by an overly cautious medical staff who raised red flags that dissuaded him from selecting a first-round prospect. Many feel that workouts, more controlled by agents than ever, are overvalued, as is performance in the NCAA tournament (see Williams, Derrick and Flynn, Jonny). Combine results can be tantalizing, though scouts and execs feel as if the league has made a proper correction on a traditional fetish — “athleticism.” Yet at the same time, some say the swing toward “basketball IQ” has moved so dramatically in the past few years, that teams might look up to find that they don’t have the necessary shot creation to contend. -via ESPN / June 23, 2022

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