Jazz certainly open to trading Rudy Gobert

It’s not a secret that the Jazz need to get better on the court. And there’s been plenty of talk around Rudy Gobert, Utah’s all-star center, with multiple teams remaining viable options, according to sources. The Jazz are certainly open to trading Gobert. But, they aren’t going to give him away. Gobert’s value to Utah is immense. It might dwarf his value on the open market. For those reasons, a trade package centered around Gobert is certainly possible, even as soon as Thursday. But it isn’t guaranteed. Utah has held conversations concerning finding a way into Thursday night’s draft, multiple league sources tell The Athletic. Whether something materializes from there, also remains to play out. But the Jazz are trying, and they are dangling many of the players in their core in order to conceivably find a match.
Source: Tony Jones @ The Athletic

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