Game Preview: Bristol Flyers prepare for Leicester Riders test – British Basketball League

The Bristol Flyers will look to jump back to winning ways when they face the Leicester Riders in game week three of the 2023/24 British Basketball League season.

having played this game week, the Bristol Flyers are pulling a double shift
when they host the Leicester Flyers.

losing to the London Lions in the first game of the week, Bristol will be able
to see the positives from their loss to the Lions. Bristol were able to keep in
the game throughout while leading through the majority of the first half.

They will
be looking to recapture their form against the Leicester Riders.

The Riders
will be looking to continue adding wins into their column after beating the
Plymouth City Patriots in game week two.

of the Young Guns:

We should
be expecting a fast game here with both teams showing their offensive prowess
already this season.

Both teams
have been incredibly well-rounded without any significant scorers to keep an
eye on. Their team-first styles have caught the eyes of the British Basketball
League with both teams being ones to watch throughout the season.

This is
arguably the most even game in the early days of the season with both teams
being similar in shooting, rebounding, defence, and playmaking.

offence has been narrowly ahead of Bristol’s with the Riders averaging 87
points per game to Bristol’s 80. However, you do have to add into the equation
that Bristol have played one more game so this is as even as it can get.

David vs. Goliath:

Even though he seemed to be countered by the Lions’ strength in depth, Bristol’s Brad Greene is still the catalyst for the Bristol Flyers’ success.

The big man
has started the season with 13 points and 6.7 rebounds per game, but those
numbers have only been slowed down by elite defences in the Lions and the
Newcastle Eagles. If the Riders want to keep up with the Flyers they will need
a very good team effort defensively to slow down Greene.

contrast is very different here when looking at the Riders. Known for their
athletic guard play, Xavier Pinson and Jaren Holmes have been putting the
league on notice with their mixture of driving, dishing and having their ways
with opponents.

Even though they won’t be guarding one another, an interesting facet will be how often Leicester will try to attack the slower interior presence the Flyers possess. If the likes of Pinson, Holmes and Caleb Asberry keep attacking via pick-n-roll, this could be a long night for the Flyers.

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