Andre Drummond buys new custom grill from LaMelo Ball’s jeweler for ridiculous price

New Los Angeles Lakers center Andre Drummond is celebrating playing for a contender in style.

Drummond’s Lakers took down the Utah Jazz on Saturday night, thanks in part to a 25+ point effort from the big man himself. Dre is among the best rebounders in the game, and if utilized correctly, is a huge addition for a Lakers team looking for back-to-back titles.

It turns out he knows how to treat himself as well.

The veteran big took a page out of LaMelo Ball’s book, paying for new custom diamond grills. Drummond got the hook up from Ball’s jeweler, for the expensive price of $20,000. Hey, if anyone can afford it, it’s Drummond after his contract buyout.

Andre Drummond’s Lakers have some work to do before the postseason

Despite beating the Jazz yesterday, the Lakers still sit in the fifth position in the Western Conference. While much of that is warranted thanks to the longstanding injury issues with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers can’t afford to fall much further down the West totem pole, even though they claim not to be afraid of any contenders in their conference.

With Davis coming back momentarily, and James hopefully around the corner, the Lakers are set up for another playoff run.

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