Albert Almora, Jr. injured in terrifying collision with outfield wall (Video)

Albert Almora, Jr. learned his limits the hard way, smashing his face against the Citi Field wall while trying to make a highlight-reel catch.

Almora, Jr. is a very capable defensive outfielder, so it’s not absurd for him to try and make a great grab against the fence. Yet, Tuesday night should serve as a learning experience. Professional baseball players are great athletes, but even they have limits. Always — and I mean always — measure out the steps to the outfield wall pregame. Almora, Jr. was about one foot away from making a phenomenal catch.

Instead? Face, meet wall.

Pain. Pain everywhere.

Mets: Albert Almora, Jr. had to leave the game

Almora is tough, but he’s not that tough. The Mets outfielder was forced to leave the game after the violent play.

The play itself ended as a triple, as the Mets did a capable job backing up Almora’s attempt at a web gem. Once the ball made its way to the infield, the focus automatically went to Almora’s health. He was eventually helped off the field, and taken to the Mets training staff, but was on the ground for several moments recovering.

New York’s been dealt a tough hand lately with injuries, including an IL stint for ace Jacob deGrom. We’ll see if Almora follows him.

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