3 moves the Nets can make to turn their season around

The Brooklyn Nets have not lived up to expectations. Here are three moves that the Nets can make to turn their season around.

The Brooklyn Nets are off to an underwhelming 10-11 start, and they sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference. At the moment, the Nets appear far off from their championship aspirations, but there are some reasons to remain optimistic.

Lineups with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons on the floor have a net rating of +1.9. Durant is averaging 29.3 points and shooting an efficient 53.4 percent from the field. In addition, Simmons is posting a career-high 63.1 true shooting percentage and a team-high 2.3 defensive box plus/minus.

Forward T.J. Warren is targeting a return on Dec. 2. Warren has not played a regular-season game since Dec. 29, 2020. When healthy, he was one of the most productive two-way wings in the league. In 2019-2020, he was one of only three players in the NBA to average at least 19 points and one steal, while shooting 40 percent from three (Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum).

For the Nets to be a true contender, the supporting cast needs to improve. Here are three moves that they can make.

3. Move on from Patty Mills

Yes, Mills is still an impactful NBA player, but he is an odd fit on the Nets’ current roster. Mills is a capable shooter, but he is a subpar defender. This season, Mills has a defensive box plus/minus of -2.1, which is his worst mark since his rookie season in 2009-10. His 6’1″ size and defensive limitations make him an awkward fit alongside Irving or Seth Curry. When Mills and Curry are on the court together, the Nets have a net rating of -4.9.

As a 38.9 percent career three-point shooter, Mills could still have value to another team. However, he cannot be traded until Dec. 15. Until then, the Nets would be wise to allocate minutes to their other wings.

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