Team PokerNews’ “KAA17” Among Early Grizzly Games VII Winners On Global Poker

The Global Poker Grizzly Games VII got underway last week and has already crowned several winners across both Gold and Sweeps Coin events.

The Grizzly Games VII series, running Jan. 29-Feb. 18, will consist of 108 Gold Coin trophy events with GC 953.5 million in guaranteed prizes and 108 Sweeps Coin trophy events with SC 2.1 million in guaranteed prizes, leading up to Main Events with guarantees of GC 40 million and SC 200,000.

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Early Winners Include Kyle “KAA17” Anderson, “K-DOG” & “Drewman2”

There have already been several winners in the exciting series, which, in addition to the guarantees, features swag and trophies for event winners. The winners include Team PokerNews streamer Kyle “KAA17” Anderson, who shipped GPC Grizzly 06-H: NLHE GC 15,000,000 Guaranteed for GC 3,217,500 and a Grizzly Games Trophy.

The trophy victory was just part of a run for Anderson as the streamer also made a series of Sweeps runs in what proved to be a rewarding night of poker.

The series kicked off on Jan. 29 with events including GPC Grizzly 01-H NLHE GC 26,000,000 Guaranteed, which saw “10dURRvlttLEs” topping the 270-player field to win GC 5,018,000. On the Sweeps Coin side, “Danutz619” defeated the 425-player field for SC 7,540 in the SC 40,000 guaranteed event.

An early highlight of the opening Grizzly Games VII weekend was GPC Grizzly 09-L: NLHE GC 5,000,000 Guaranteed [Super Deep], an event that drew 287 runners as “Drewman2” defeated heads-up opponent “HwyL4U” to win the Grizzly Games trophy and GC 1,107,870.

Others at the final table in the GC 22,000 buy-in event included “Harpoolious” (3rd – GC 631,400), “AKAtoe” (4th – GC 473,550), “QueenDebbie” (5th – GC 327,180) and“Poker Four Life Baby” (6th – GC 252,560).

GPC Grizzly 09-L: NLHE GC 5,000,000 Guaranteed [Super Deep] Results

  1 “Drewman2” 1,107,870
  2 “HwyL4U” 832,300
  3 “Harpoolious” 631,400
  4 “AKAtoe” 473,550
  5 QueenDebbie” 327,180
  6 “Poker Four Life Baby” 252,560
  7 “Stickit2ya” 195,160
  8 “Spookclown” 137,760
  9 “Micdundee” 103,320

Meanwhile, the Sweeps Coin GPC Grizzly 09-L: NLHE drew 1,327 players with its guaranteed prize pool of SC 25,000. Topping the field was “K-DOG”, who defeated heads-up opponent “BobSmith” to win the trophy and SC 4,333.99.

The two were joined at the final table by the likes of “Razor7777” (3rd – SC 2,388.61), “ScottyMFnVPIPn” (4th – SC 1,778.19), “Cruz0620” (5th – SC 1,260.66) and “The_Liquidator” (6th – SC 995.26).

GPC Grizzly 09-L: NLHE SC 25,000 Guaranteed [Super Deep] Results

  1 “K-DOG” 4,333.99
  2 “BobSmith” 3,184.81
  3 “Razor7777” 2,388.61
  4 “ScottyMFnVPIPn” 1,778.19
  5 “Cruz0620” 1,260.66
  6 “The_Liquidator” 995.26
  7 “DonkAlert” 729.86
  8 “Raven6” 464.46
  9 “Rugbyfh10” 273.37

Some other winners on the opening weekend included “Lizzie75” (GPC Grizzly 08-H NLHE GC 18,000,000 Guaranteed – GC 3,861,000), “Cigar99” (GPC Grizzly 08-L: NLHE SC 6,000 Guaranteed – SC 1,318.56), “Hollarguy” (GPC Grizzly 09-H: NLHE GC 32,000,000 Guaranteed – GC 6,774,84) and “Runsonbud” (GPC Grizzly 09-M: NLHE SC 45,000 Guaranteed – SC 9,963.37).

The Grizzly Games VII series is just getting started and has plenty of exciting events in store for Week Two.

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