Ryan Fee Flaunts Daniel Negreanu Number Plate After Winning Big From Grudge Match

19 Feb

Ryan Fee has tweeted his appreciation to Daniel Negreanu for losing in the High Stakes Feud, winning him enough side action to go out and buy a supercar.

Negreanu lost enough over the last 1,000 hands of the High Stakes Feud to allow Fee to win a prop bet with Shaun Deeb.

The American was showing off his new purchase—a shiny new Lamborghini with a number plate chosen to stick the knife into Negreanu—TYDNEGS.

Fee must have had plenty of side action on the result to be randomly buying such a car, but looked happiest to have got one over on Deeb by claiming victory after such a wild turnaround.

Deeb had bet that Doug Polk would not win by a margin of more than $1.1 million, and looked odds on to collect until Negreanu fell apart over the last 1,000 hands. Deeb only lost $10,000, so he won’t be too upset, even if losing was a little unexpected.

Fee and Negreanu have been fighting on Twitter recently and this is just the latest round in the spat. We await what Negreanu’s reply will be once he isn’t busy with his Pog champs chess match.

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