Royal Flush turns $5 into $1.1 million

We recap some stories you may have missed including the future of poker content, Hellmuth humblebragging and more on the heads-up challenges.

$1.1 million jackpot winner

Frank Nagy

OK it was technically at a casino poker table against the House not a normal poker game, but turning $5 to seven-figures with a Royal Flush is always noteworthy.Β 

Frank Nagy won a $1,105,757 progressive jackpot at the Tropicana in Atlantic City last week when his $5 side bet at a four card poker table dealt him a Royal Flush.Β 

It was the biggest ever jackpot scooped at a Caesars Entertainment casino and the lucky winner tipped the dealers working that night $50,000.

The future of poker content?

If you haven’t checked it out before, The Orbit is a very interesting show that manages to attract a roundtable of high profile guests every time.

This week’s show is particularly interesting as it is about the future of poker content and features some pioneers in that space – Jaime Staples, Brad Owen, Marle Cordeiro and Sarah Herring. All of whom are doing very interesting stuff in the video space right now:

Hellmuth humble brags

It looks like we have a heads-up battle between the Poker Brat and KidPoker on its way, so it looks like, therefore, we have more of this to come:

Joey dissects the heads-up challenges

Speaking of the current trend for heads-up challenges, this last week Joe Ingram has hosted the two big winners so far this year from nosebleed grudge matches, Phil Galfond and Doug Polk.Β 

In both shows the two guests discuss each other’s challenges, the state of high stakes heads-up, private games, prop bets and much more:

Insta fold

This is either an example of a super experienced uber disciplined fold or a very exploitable leak. You decide whether this was a good fold or not:

Do you agree with the fold? Let us know in the comments:

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