Polk shares his database stats vs Negreanu

Do you want to see how well he ran against KidPoker? Doug Polk shares all the key stats from his $1.2 million heads-up win.

Doug Polk certainly seems to enjoy talking about his challenge against Daniel Negreanu more than actually playing it, and there is a lot to talk about.

One of the biggest debates surrounding the match was whether he ran well against Negreanu? Negreanu certainly seemed to think so, whereas Polk claimed he felt it was he who ran bad, despite winning $1.2 million. 

Yesterday he put some of that to bed, revealing some key stats from his tracking database:

Probably the most eye catching thing there is just how much of that $1.2 million was from his red line, ie. his non-showdown winnings. This is usually a reliable indicator of skill, forcing his opponent to muck their hands.

Did he run good?

He also addressed just how lucky he was. Until now Negreanu had been mostly putting his stock in all-in EV, which is just one of many metrics. Polk brought up a few more:

No reply from Negreanu on these stats yet, although one Twitter user did offer up what his graph might look like:

So it did look like Doug Polk beasted everything as he suggested. It still remains baffling why he has fallen out of love with the game and isn’t taking on future challenges, but to each his own.

What stats would you like to see from the challenge? Let us know in the comments:

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