News: New partners: BestPoker and Optibet

Two brand-new iPoker partner rooms are available for PokerStrategists, with early birds signing up getting a permament 35% rakeback boost!

Today two new iPoker partners have joined ranks with, giving our members even more choice in one of the biggest and softest networks of the industry.

After delivering traffic and juicy games to Ongame and the GGNetwork for years, BestPoker and Optibet have recently switched over to the iPoker network, bringing their players a large international player base as well as many customers from some of the largest bookmakers worldwire.

The merits of the switch any PokerStrategist signing up can now profit from are huge: Apart from a first deposit bonus of 200% up to €2.000, established players can also benefit from up to 35% rakeback and weekly €12,500 Twister Races, while beginners can get their hands on a €5 bankroll boost as well as four instant freerolls to start of their tenure at our two latest iPoker partners.

With the peak time in traffic during evenings in the European timezone as well as one of the softest player pools available, make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to sign up and get some of the best welcome rewards available.

Find out more about the advantages of signing up at BestPoker

Flat 35% Rakeback for PokerStrategists welcomes BestPoker and Optibet as new partners

Early Bird Deal: If you are among the first players signing up before the end of the month, entering your BestPoker or Optibet nickname in your profile at, you will get a permanent boost of your VIP status with them, giving you a flat 35% Rakeback right away.

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The Rakeback Structure at BestPoker and Optibet
VIP Level Monthly Rake Award Points Rakeback in % VIP Points per €1 Rake VIP Points Multiplier
Jack €0-€49.99 0-499 10% 10 x1
Queen €50-€149.99 500-1499 15% 10 x1.5
King €150-€449.99 1500-4499 20% 10 x2
Ace €450-€749.99 4500-7499 30% 10 x3
Joker €750+ 7500+ 35% 10 x3.5

What else is offered at BestPoker and Optibet?

Apart from the rakeback deal, there are plenty of others advantages you can profit from as a player from First and foremost, you will receive 3 StrategyPoints for every €1 in rake while playing at BestPoker or Optibet.

What’s more, your first deposit is rewarded with a huge bonus of 200% up to €2.000 while you’re also able to get additional rewards of up to €1,000 a week in €12,500 Twister Races, iPoker’s take on the highly popular lottery SNG format with ever-changing prize pools.

Additionally, new players getting started on the lower stakes (NL20 and lower), can also grab a €5 cash boost as soon as they’ve played their first 500 raked hands with the Jack of Spades promotion while also getting tickets to four weekly freerolls for another bankroll boost right away.

Find out more about the advantages of signing up at Optibet

optibet table
Soft tables with lots of action await at BestPoker and Optibet

Disclaimer: The presented offers are only available to new players of 18 years and older and a deposit is required. Time limits, country restrictions as well as the full Terms & Conditions of the operator apply.

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