“I had to call the river, I was priced in”

Don’t call the river just because you are priced in or curious, says Raise Your Edge founder Bencb.


“Well I called the turn, so I had to call the river. I was priced in!”

We’ve probably all been there.

Our opponent bets the turn, and we call with a top pair on a connected board.

They fire the river, and we feel so committed to the pot that we just have to see what they’ve got.

Believe it or not, this type of thinking is one of the biggest reasons that losing players stay losing players.

You should never justify calling the river because you feel committed to the pot.

Low stakes players underbluff the river

“Don’t call just because you feel priced in”

The river card often changes the board quite a bit, and your opponent’s betting range changes as well.

Instead, make your decisions based on how many bluffs and value hands your opponent can have.

Ask yourself how likely your opponent is to bluff, what kinds of hands they could bluff with, and make your decision based on that.

Typically at low and mid stakes when players bet the river they are massively under-bluffing.

This means we should often fold the river much more than GTO recommends.

The next time you’re facing a bet on the river, take some time and consider what hands could really take this line, and make your decision based on that information.

Don’t just call because you feel priced in, or want to see what they have.

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