Fedor Holz defeats Wiktor Malinowski

After four sessions the underdog prevails and wins over $90,000 over ‘limitless’ at GGPoker.

After a controversial start because of somebody uninvolved in the match, the heads-up match between Fedor Holz and Wiktor ‘limitless’ Malinowski ended with the underdog winning. 

Fedor won the first session for $37,421, the second session for $14,651 and the third session for $108,195. Malinowski won the final session for $69,893, meaning Holz ultimately won the challenge for $90,374

With just 1,600 hands this was by no means the guaranteed test of ability that Polk vs Negreanu or some of the Galfond Challenges were. It was pretty obvious it was a good natured publicity match, which a lot of these challenges are. It already looks like GGPoker have several of these matches planned this year. 

One thing it did have which previous challenges have not is live webcams and live hole cards between the two participants. This was much easier to watch and allowed the two players to needle and praise each other in real time. It is something that would have made Polk vs Negreanu truly epic. 

You can watch all four matches in full over at the GGPoker YouTube channel

Hellmuth vs Negreanu delayed

In other news the heads-up challenge between Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth has been rescheduled to March 31 due to a COVID concern at the PokerGO studio. 

It looks like that match is going to follow the same format as the High Stakes Duel between Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari. It will start with a $50,000 match and the loser will get a chance to double the stakes within three days, and keep going that way until one player taps out. After which a new challenger can come forward, if no challenger does then the winner can cash out after 30 days or a four consecutive wins. 

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