Don’t miss out on Double Action with 5 freerolls to go

Once again first-time depositors and Tell-a-Friend users can double dip in weekly $500 freerolls at PokerStars while Tetris® Spin & Go’s are still available, too.

Another full edition of our Double Action freerolls is in full swing and as usual tracked first time depositors at PokerStars PokerStars are rewarded with access to several exclusive $500 freerolls.

You have until Thursday, March 18 to make your first deposit in order to access all five Double Action tourneys coming up. Any deposits after this date will count towards all remaining freerolls.

In addition, new players will of course also profit from the usual welcome bonus that is offered to new members by PokerStars.

Deposited before? No problem!

For those of you that have deposited already, there’s no need to feel left out—we have a bonus for you too.

If you refer members via our Tell-a-Friend programme and they go on to cash in one of the Double Action freerolls, you will receive the equivalent amount of their prize money in your Tell-a-Friend account.

This means that the more players you refer, the more you stand to win.

Double Action Freerolls
Name Tournament ID Date Time (GMT) Deposit Deadline/
Series Eligibility
Freeroll 4 3130313014 March 21 18:00 Deposit by March 18 and play last 5
Freeroll 5 3130313015 March 28 18:00 Deposit by March 25 and play last 4
Freeroll 6 3130313016 April 4 18:00 Deposit by April 1 and play last 3
Freeroll 7 3130313017 April 11 18:00 Deposit by April 8 and play last 2
Freeroll 8 3130313018 April 18 18:00 Deposit by April 15 and play last 1

The Freerolls can also be found in the PokerStars client under Tourney -> Private.

For full participation details, click here.

Tetris® Spin & Go’s until March 28

tetris spin & go's

PokerStars is still offering a special promotion for their Spin & Go games, combining the thrill of lottery SNGs with the frantic action of the all-time video game classic Tetris®.

The gist of it are daily leaderboards running all the way until March 28 where a daily prize pool of $33,000 in total is given away. That’s more than $1,5 million in prizes for the entirety of the promotion.

Here’s how to take part:

  • Join the Tetris®+ Spin & Go leaderboards via the lobby tab on the right. There’s one leaderboard per stake level and you can join as many leaderboards as you want.
  • Play Tetris®+ Spin & Go to clear lines, with the number of Line Clears depending on the Spin & Go multiplier and finishing position.
  • Every time you reach five Line Clears in total your level will increase. The higher your level, the more points you’ll get for clearing lines.
  • Your daily leader board score is calculated based on your level and your number of Line Clears, updating at the end of each game.

You’ve dominated line clears in Tetris® when you were young? Let’s see how you fare clearing lines at the Spin & Go tables!

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