Check out the next Big 20 Highlights at PokerStars

A trip to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, the next UFC bout, or the service of a real dealer and chef in your home game—the Big 20 Rewind Series has truly something special in store.

The entire month of November and start of December, PokerStars is celebrating their ground-breaking inception 20 years ago.

Apart from special cash game and Spin & Go leaderboards available since November 1, PokerStars also announced the Big 20 Rewind Series that includes 20 very special tournaments in total for each year of PokerStars’ existence, dishing out a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000,000.

The series is still running until December 5 and is bringing us a special event every day to celebrate each year since PokerStars was founded back in 2001. Next up this evening at 19:05 CET is The Big 20 Rewind – 2011 – Year of Home Games, guaranteeing $100,000 for a very affordable buy-in of only $11. Additionally, the winner is in for a a custom poker table and chip set on top and will be able to order the service of a real dealer and chef for the next big home game with their friends!

Almost half a million in prizes this weekend

Meanwhile, the weekend is set to be a promising one as well, with three Big 20 events running with buy-ins of only $10 to $22 while still guaranteeing up to $225,000 in a single tournament. And as is custom in the Big 20 Rewind Series, topped off by truly special prizes for the winners like an F1 Grand Prix trip to Monaco or several UFC tickets to one of the next big bouts!

Check out the below schedule to see what other guarantees and buy-ins you can still expect from every upcoming Big 20 event, ultimately topped off by the massive Big 20 Finale, starting on December 5 that is bringing a huge prize pool of $5,000,000 while asking for a buy-in of just $55.

The upcoming events of The Big 20 Rewind Series at PokerStars (Click to enlarge)

Rewards of up to 65% Rakeback


While jumping into the Big 20 frenzy, don’t forget that last month a new rewards system at PokerStars worth 65% rakeback was made available to all players.

Pokerstars Rewards scored a 78% jump in customer satisfaction for the 20% of players who tried it. The new system aims to be more generous and transparent. 

You can get up to 65% rewards in the form of a baseline rakeback up to 25% and up to 40% more in the form of Monthly Challenges. All formats earn the same points including high stakes cash games, sports and casino. 

The rewards are all fixed value rather than random, as per the previous Chests programme. It will still be in the form of Chests which are Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Black respectively.

These are the benefits you can expect from the new system:

Level Chest Value Value Monthly Challenge Cashback Reward Points/Rake Required Number of Chests to move up
Blue $0.50 15% Unavailable 333/$3.33 5
Bronze $1.50 16% Unavailable 935/$9.35 5
Silver $5 17.5% Up to 40% 2,850/$28.50 7
Gold $20 18.5% Up To 40% 10,800/$108 7
Diamond $75 20% Up to 40% 37,500/$375 10
Black $250 25% Up to 40% 100,000/$1,000 N/A

The new PokerStars Rewards program is available for players on .BG, .COM, .CZ, .EE, .ES, .EU, .FR, , .PT, .RO, .SH, .UK. Monthly Challenges are not available in the Czech Republic or Greece due to local regulation.

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