Best Mobile Payment Applications to Use for Playing Poker

23 Jun

In this day and age, we are closer to becoming a cashless society more than ever. According to The Guardian, only one in six payments in the UK is made with good old cash In some countries, like Norway, cashless payments are so dominant they represent a danger to the central bank, investors, and the whole banking system. Some say it’s the pandemic to blame, while others diss the rise of online platforms, such as casino Jeton, but whoever’s fault it may be (and regardless of whether there’s anyone to blame at all), online cashless transactions are here to stay.

This immense trend is the main reason behind the rise of new online payment solutions. There are new kids on the block, with dinosaurs like PayPal failing to keep up with much more innovative payment methods.

“It is not that older types of online methods are bad, it is just they entered a new stage of their natural economic cycle”, explains Norwegian online gaming specialist Gilfred Helmonsen (read bout him here). In his opinion, all companies start as hip, modern, and innovative startups, but as they grow, the paperwork, bureaucracy, and sluggishness take over.

“Still, that is no reason to despair, as nowadays, you can use so many alternative methods it will blow your mind”, says he. Here are the best mobile apps one can use for online payments, hand-picked by Helmonsen.


Our specialist describes Wise as “PayPal for a new generation of consumers”. Formerly known as Transferwise, this company was founded in London, in 2011 by Estonian businessmen Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus. The main advantages are cost-efficient transactions, multi-currency accounts, favorable exchange rates, and debit cards available upon request.

“At one point, British banking giant Santander did an estimate and concluded they would use more than 80% of their profits if they charged the same fees as Wise. It is a perfect banking account for your online payments, as it is safe, cheap, and incredibly user-friendly”, ecstatic is Helmonsen.


Similar to Wise, Revolut is also one of the most popular online payment methods. Founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko it offers pretty much the same type of service, and if you ask our expert, it all comes down to your expectations.

“Revolut is a bit faster, but Wise has more currencies. Fees and costs are pretty much in level”, Helmonsen is honest.


Another fan-favorite is Skrill, but the gaming insider says it won’t be for long. As its strongest sides, he lists the availability and high level of acceptance of this payment method. The downside is that it is entering the crucial stage when it can become too much to handle, just like PayPal.

“There is a lot of rumor, how more and more customers are feeling oppressed by fees and constantly changing policies imposed by Skrill, one of the most popular e-gaming wallets. It will take some time for customers to leave, so Skrill has a chance to step up its game”, claims the Norwegian.


Jeton is a global e-wallet and money exchange, mostly known for its technical aspect. “It is insanely popular among tech-savvy customers. It utilizes QR codes, 2-step authorizations, and other innovations, over standard passwords and usernames”, proclaims Helmonsen and adds how if you want a safe payment method, this is the one.

Available for both private persons and businesses, it also offers a simple voucher you can use to handle payments on sites where you don’t want to leave a trace, or don’t trust completely.

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