A sign the World Series of Poker is happening

A new promotion has all but confirmed that a live WSOP Main Event is happening this year, in some capacity.

With the positive news of vaccinations this year it looks like we might finally see an end to the COVID-19 nightmare of the last twelve months. It looks likely we will all be able to experience live poker in some capacity this year, but will that be in time for the World Series of Poker?

One glimmer of hope for poker fans this week as announced a new sweepstake promotion for US players that included a 2021 WSOP Main Event package. 

No dates have been confirmed for the Main Event yet. Normally the full schedule and dates have been announced by now with the Main Event at the start of July, but understandably the WSOP are not rushing into any decisions.

A three day event?

Will these seats be filled in 2021?

Curiously only three days of hotel stay have been provided. Normally the Main Event takes place over two weeks, could this be a sign that a stripped down, predominantly US only field will be playing in Vegas this year? 

Another interesting quirk is that the hotel stay is at Caesars Palace, which suggests after years of hinting it would happen, the WSOP might finally move away from the Rio. 

This event is by no means guaranteed, as we learnt last year things can change quickly in poker and the world in general. For example, last year winners of some WSOP Online events also won a 2020 WSOPE ticket, but that event never happened. 

It does seem like a safe bet that a WSOP will happen this year, albeit a very different looking one. Despite the fact that most of the world is locked down in some form right now, it has been quite perplexing to see just how many Americans are playing live poker despite the virus still very much running rampant there like everywhere else. 

Will there be a normal WSOP festival this year? Let us know in the comments:

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