21 Days of Roaring Action in the Global Poker Grizzly Games VI

Global Poker is gearing up for the sixth installment of the Grizzly Games tournament series and could well be the grrrrreatest edition of them all. With 21 days of intense poker action, and a staggering 216 trophies waiting to be won, in addition to combined guarantees worth GC800,000,000 and SC1,834,000, Grizzly Games VI will be epic.

The 216 Grizzly Games events are split equally between Gold Coin and Sweeps Coins tournaments. Each numbered event has three entry levels, making the Grizzly Games open and accessible to anyone with a Global Poker account.

Everything roars into action on January 29 at 2:00 p.m. ET when the Grizzly Opening GC2,000,000 and Grizzly Opening SC5,000 turbo freerolls shuffle up and deal. These two free-to-play tournaments are perfect for getting your claws into because they not only sport a guaranteed 2,000,000 Gold Coins, but the SC500 edition awards entries to the Grizzly Games SC events.

Special Grizzly Games VI Events

It is challenging to single out any of the Grizzly Games VI events for some extra attention because they are all ridiculously good value. That said, there are at least four must-play tournaments during the series, three marking a special day, the other being the grizzly-sized Main Event.

Be ready to get your grind on at 9:30 p.m. ET on February 2 because this is when the GPC Grizzly 04-H: NLHE GC20,000,000 Guaranteed Bounty Groundhog Day and the GPC Grizzly 04-H: NLHE SC30,000 Guaranteed Bounty Groundhog Day events take place. Not only do these tournaments boast huge guarantees, but they also award everyone that enters a free furry ushanka-style hat, fuzzy cap, or beanie that you can wear with pride.

Grizzly Games VI Merch

We hope you’re good at multi-tasking because on February 12 at 5:30 p.m. ET, the GPC Grizzly 20-H: NLHE GC 27,500,000 Guaranteed [1R1A] – Super Grizzly Sunday and the GPC Grizzly 20-H: NLHE SC 80,000 Guaranteed [1R1A] – Super Grizzly Sunday have your name all over them. Football fans will be aware that February 12 is Super Bowl Sunday, so marking the occasion, Global Poker is giving away a Global Poker-branded football and NFL helmet to anyone that navigates their way to the final table; how cool is that?

Love is in the air two days later at 9:30 p.m. ET on February 14, when GPC Grizzly 24-H: NLHE GC 9,000,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up] – Valentine’s Day and GPC Grizzly 24-H: NLHE SC 10,000 Guaranteed [Ante Up] – Valentine’s Day take place. You will be forgiven by your other half if you spend Valentine’s Day grinding these events, because a final table appearance not only sees your account receive a substantial boost, but you’ll also get your paws on a Global Poker teddy bear and some Global Poker chocolates!

The Grizzly Games VI Main Events are scheduled for 5:30 p.m. ET on February 19; be there or be square. The GPC Grizzly 31-H: Main Event NLHE GC 30,000,000 Guaranteed [1R1A] and GPC Grizzly 31-H: Main Event NLHE SC 200,000 Guaranteed [1R1A] are massive events; becoming their champion will some way to forging your Global Poker career.

Grizzly Games VI Swag and Leaderboards

Grizzly Games VI winner's trophy
Grizzly Games VI winner’s trophy

Winning Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins is great, and all, but true poker tournament players know that it is the trophy that is all-important. Take down any of the GC or SC events, and Global Poker will send you an incredible bear trophy to commemorate your incredible triumph. Furthermore, you’ll be able to proudly display a special bear avatar at the tables, letting your opponents know you are a true Global Poker champion; this is in addition to unique, limited-edition swag for GC and SC champions.

If being able to play in some superb tournaments is not enough to entice you to compete in the Grizzly Games VI series, what if we told you there are Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Leaderboards that have some jaw-dropping prizes for the top ten finishers?

You earn leaderboard points when you finish a Grizzly Games VI event in a winning position. The higher up you finish, the more points you earn, and the better your chances are of sinking your claws into one of the leaderboards’ prizes. Here’s what those leaderboards award:

Gold Coin Leaderboard

Place Prize
1 GC5,000,000 + Grizzly Games VI hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2 GC1,000,000 + Grizzly Games VI T-shirt & cap
3 GC900,000 + Grizzly Games VI T-shirt & cap
4 GC800,000 + Grizzly Games VI T-shirt
5 GC700,000 + Grizzly Games VI T-shirt
6 GC550,000 + Grizzly Games VI T-shirt
7 GC54500,000 + Grizzly Games VI cap
8 GC3500,000 + Grizzly Games VI cap
9 GC2500,000 + Grizzly Games VI cap
10 GC5100,000 + Grizzly Games VI cap

Sweeps Coin Leaderboard

Place Prize
1 $2,500 cash + Global Poker hoodie, T-Shirt & cap*
2 SC1,000 + Global Poker T-Shirt & cap
3 SC900 + Global Poker T-Shirt & cap
4 SC800 + Global Poker T-Shirt
5 SC700 + Global Poker T-Shirt
6 SC550 + Global Poker T-Shirt
7 SC450 + Global Poker cap
8 SC350 + Global Poker cap
9 SC250 + Global Poker cap
10 SC100 + Global Poker cap

*Plus the opportunity to represent Global Poker at a Live Event, with another $2,500 to help with this

Ready To Become a Global Poker Champion?

Step out of your cave and become a Global Poker player today because it is the only place you can enjoy the spectacular Grizzly Games VI. Create your free account, claim your free coins, and get ready to test your skills on the biggest stage.

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